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We are constantly looking for used pipeorgans. Reasons for selling a pipeorgan might be varying - in most of the cases a new organ is being build, because the older one does not reflect timely requirements of sound or technical aspects. We take care of looking for a new place for your organ.


Each organ has been originally manufactured for a specific environment in a certain place with unique acoustical and optical requirements. It is for this reason that for many organ owners the search for a proper new environment is often a daunting task. A new church has to be found, not only where the organ fits in terms of acustical and optical requirements, but in spacial aspects as well. When moving to a new location, professional organ builders take great care of rebuilding the instrument in a new environment. When necessary, certain spacial adjustments will be carried out.


In the past, through the help of Ladach instruments many organs have been saved of their already planed destiny of destruction and disposal. The dismantling of organs is done by Ladach instruments itself. We are taking great care in packaging the highly sensitive parts of organs. The organ will be rebuild, based on a detailed documentation, that has been created, when dismantling the organ initially began.


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