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Sound Example - Klangbeispiel 1

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Sound Example - Klangbeispiel 2

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Sound Example - Klangbeispiel 3

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Sound Example - Klangbeispiel 4

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  • data
    Year of construction
    number of manuals
    stop action mechanism
    222 cm
    201 cm
    45 cm
  • disposition

    Rohr flute 8
    Koppel flute 8 (bass) and open flute 8 (treble)
    Pedal Bass flute 8

  • remarks

    Suitable for home or teaching Institution, this is our third newly-built small practice organ specifically designed by Kenneth Jones and Associates to fit into a small music facility or room
    or studio. It takes up no more than the space of an upright piano, except for the detachable
    pedal. It has full pedal of 30 notes up to F and two manuals. Each manual and the pedal has
    one 8 ft stop, so the organ has three 8 ft stops of different character. The lowest octave is
    shared between the three, yet they are mechanically independent. The top lid is adjustable to
    allow differentiation of volume and the front panel can be opened for tuning or if a louder sound
    is required. Adjustable stool.
    The design of the organ is brilliant, given the space it takes. It looks very well and I have
    received many amazed admirers' praise. The stops are different in character and the lower
    manual offers a slightly more powerful intonation in the treble to allow 'solo' play. Playing a trio
    sonata you will hear the independent voices very well. The overall sound is pleasant, gentle
    and warm; this means it doesn't tire the ear nor the other inhabitants of the home. With a little
    creativity, most literature can be practiced on the instrument. The firm's special pedalboard,
    custom-designed by Kenneth Jones, is very comfortable and prepares for playing on
    radiating/concave as well as straight pedalboards. Students appreciate the clean touch and
    the pleasant sound of the organ, and the way in which it responds to accurate articulation and
    Shipping to another country in Europe included.

€22.000 without VAT; shipping not included; negotiable;


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