Ladach Instruments Pipeorgans and Pianos

Grenzing 5/II+P

  • data
    Year of construction
    number of manuals
    stop action mechanism
    51 cm
    125 cm
    80 cm
  • disposition

    Manual 1: Gedackt 8'

    Manual 2:
    Gedackt 8'
    Gedackt 4'
    Oktave 2' (devided)
    Terz 1 3/5' from cs'
    Quinte 1 1/3' (devided)
    Pedal: Koppel II-P

  • remarks

    Combined rehearsal/continuo - chestorgan

    Our aim in developing a combined rehearsal and continuo organ is to offer musicians a useful tool for teaching, studying and accompanying.

    We have developed two models:
    A) 2 Stops (Gedackt 8 and Gedackt 4)
    B) 5 Stops

    Transposer with four positions: 392 (without C) ,415, 440, 466 Hz
    (2 semitones lower, 1 sharper)

    Stable and easy tuning, so that both temperament and pitch can easily be changed.

    Solid oak case and pedalboard

    As a rehearsal instrument the organ has:

    2 Manuals and Pedal. The sound leaves the instrument just below the keyboards, so you can play for long periods of time without getting tired of a direct sound.

    The instrument is fitted with sensitive suspended action with precise pluck

    Dead movement for Pedal and manuals can be adjusted if desired.

    If all you need is a continuo instrument, the pedalboard can easily be removed. Transporting it is easy even in cars, because the keyboards can be removed.

    There are four strong handles at an ergonomically suitable height so that only two people are required to carry it. Lifting or tilting the instrument on staircases or elevators does not effect the instrument, because each pipe is provided with a special lock.

    The blower is fitted in a separate, insulated box. This reduces the organ's weight and size and avoids tuning problems due to the blower's heat.

    Different sizes of flexible conveyances to connect the blower are included.

    If you wish, you may choose to add a third manual with an 8 ‘ Regal which can be separated and used as a small portable instrument; this is an ideal solution for both travel and rehearsal needs.

    Our purpose is to offer a small, easy to handle and portable instrument whose sound is clear and carries well. This organ is versatile and can be used effectively in many different ways.

    We are open to the customer's individual ideas as to how he or she wants this instrument to look like.

€51.600 without VAT; shipping not included;


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